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Winchester Construction Co.

Specializing in the art of fine building

Born in 1980 from a passion for building and a desire to construct top quality homes, Winchester Construction Co. has built a legacy in the pursuit of fine building.

The Millersville, Maryland-based general contractor excels at new residential construction and renovations, ensuring that every home is built with an uncompromising commitment to quality, attention to detail and the highest level of craftsmanship, the company says.

“Building a house is a very personal process and provides the client an opportunity to express their personal taste and complement their lifestyle. Few people engage in this process more than once, and therefore they should enjoy the process and expect the end product to stand the test of time,” says President Michael Campbell. “If you’re interested in an enjoyable process, the quality, durability and longevity of the building, then we’re the right builder for you.”

Winchester Construction Co.

Photo by Anne Gummerson

Campbell has been with Winchester Construction for 27 years, and took over as president from Founder Bert Winchester in January 2017. Campbell’s passion, expertise and understanding of construction— in addition to his tenure with the company— have provided a seamless transition in leadership and consistency, regarding the dedication to building high quality homes.

“We believe houses should be built to last for generations,” he says.

Since it was founded, Winchester has built and renovated homes of all sizes and designs in Baltimore, Washington D.C., Annapolis and the Eastern Shore area of the mid-Atlantic. Campbell says the company is grateful to have had the opportunity to collaborate with a variety of accomplished architects, designers and landscape architects, who all work together to help homeowners achieve their goals and dreams.

The team behind the build

Winchester Construction relies on a team of skilled carpenters, a masonry crew, a painting crew, a concrete and excavation crew, field supervisors and project managers to complete custom homes to their high standards.

“Each member of the Winchester Team understands the vital role they play in the process and are equally committed to the satisfaction of the client and maintaining the integrity of the architecture,” Campbell says.

On top of this, the general contractor has spent 37 years building relationships with select subcontractors, all of whom are familiar with the expectations Winchester has for each project.

“This has allowed us to build a great deal of special projects, and really no two have ever been the same,” Campbell says. In the past, Winchester has built rustic European villas, traditional and historic homes, contemporary houses and every style in between.

In 2014, Winchester was awarded a contract to build a private chapel in western Maryland. While the chapel was only 1,000-square-feet in size, the blueprint called for walls three-feet thick, a roof made of specialty clay tiles, a 12-foot custom bronze entry door, a cast bronze bell from the Netherlands and stations of the cross and tabernacle hand-carved from Italian marble.

“Each member of the Winchester Team understands the vital role they play in the process and are equally committed to the satisfaction of the client and maintaining the integrity of the architecture.” Campbell says.

Campbell says Winchester worked closely with the chapel’s architect, O’Brien and Keane Architects, often discussing materials and process which would result in the highest quality final product.

After it was completed, the private chapel was awarded the John Russell Pope Award, an honor bestowed by the Institute of Classical Architecture and Art, which recognizes classical architecture and design.

Building relationships

Whether it is a private chapel or a rustic villa, Winchester always places great value on building relationships with clients. This begins with educating clients on the best materials and practices, but also means listening to their ideas and input.

“The strength of these relationships contributes to the overall success of each project because we allow the exchange of ideas and information to help educate and guide the client to the best decision for their lifestyle,” Campbell says.

Winchester continues to foster these relationships through the company’s residence management division, which was formed as a way of extending service to existing clients even after a project is finished. The division offers preventive and general maintenance and repairs as well as minor renovation work for homes built by the company. This leads to fewer unexpected costs for the homeowner because they are not waiting until something becomes a serious problem to address it.

“Our ability to build on relationships even after we finished a project is one of the main reasons we’re able to do what we do,” says Director of Business Development TD Albright. “The best projects are those that have a strong client-architect-builder relationship based on mutual respect and reinforced through the process.”

“We understand that fine building is indeed an art, and our artistry is the result of clarity of purpose, collaboration with renowned architects, integration of seasoned professionals and the highest standards for quality construction,” Campbell says.

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