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Wesley Parry – GMH Communities 

Driving efficiency in facility management 

As the director of facilities at GMH Communities, Wesley Parry is reshaping property maintenance and management strategies. Tasked with overseeing the upkeep of GMH’s diverse portfolio, Parry’s role extends far beyond mere oversight. He is a trusted advisor and consultant, providing invaluable guidance to the company’s general managers and maintenance supervisors. 

Wesley Parry | Director of Facilities | GMH Communities 

Wesley Parry | Director of Facilities | GMH Communities

With a relentless focus on efficiency and standardization, Parry ensures that maintenance practices are effective and consistent across all properties under GMH’s purview. His eye for detail allows him to identify areas for improvement and implement streamlined processes that optimize operational workflows. 

Parry works closely with GMs and maintenance supervisors, offering insights and solutions to address any challenges they may encounter. Whether developing comprehensive maintenance schedules or implementing new technologies to enhance productivity, Parry’s expertise is invaluable in driving success at GMH. 

“By serving as a central point of contact for property maintenance and management initiatives, I foster collaboration and cohesion among team members,” Parry explains.  

Parry says his proactive approach ensures that issues are addressed promptly and effectively, minimizing disruptions and maximizing organizational efficiency. 

Enhancing operational workflows 

One of Parry’s most significant projects is implementing disaster recovery protocols in collaboration with partners like Blue Sky and ACT. Recognizing the importance of preparedness in the face of unforeseen events, Parry has worked diligently to formalize Master Service Agreements and establish Standard Operating Procedures for disaster response.  

Wesley Parry | Director of Facilities | GMH Communities 

“Creating a proactive environment within a reactive situation ensures that GMs and maintenance supervisors can respond swiftly and effectively to property damage incidents, ultimately reducing costs for the company,” Parry says.  

Parry has been working toward implementing a computer maintenance management system across GMH’s portfolio. This system centralizes maintenance workflows and provides corporate stakeholders valuable insights into property maintenance activities through high-level dashboard information. By leveraging technology to streamline maintenance operations, Parry enhances overall efficiency and facilitates informed decision-making at the corporate level. 

In addition to these initiatives, Parry has overseen the publication of over 50 SOPs since joining GMH. These standardized procedures ensure consistency and effectiveness in property management practices across the organization, further contributing to operational excellence. 

Looking ahead to the rest of 2024 and beyond, Parry leads multi-million-dollar renovation projects at key properties within GMH’s portfolio. These renovations aim to enhance the living experience for residents while ensuring that properties remain competitive in their respective markets.  

“I remain dedicated to advancing GMH’s mission of delivering exceptional living communities nationwide,” he says.  

Team dynamics 

With a lean team of himself and a traveling maintenance specialist, Parry navigates the challenges of overseeing operations across a diverse portfolio of properties spanning various locations. 

Wesley Parry | Director of Facilities | GMH Communities 

Recruitment and retention within the organization primarily fall under the purview of HR and individual GMs at each property. While Parry provides guidance, the GMs are responsible for building and managing their maintenance teams. However, the quest for talent remains a significant challenge in the dynamic real estate industry. 

Regarding talent retention, Parry humorously quips that the secret to hiring and retaining the best talent remains elusive, echoing a sentiment shared by many in the field. 

“If you know the secret, tell me,” he laughs.  

Managing operations across 20 operational properties, along with two under development, presents its own set of challenges. Parry’s role requires him to stay ahead of developments across a wide geographic spread, from Boston to College Station and Baltimore to Sacramento. 

Despite the challenges, Parry finds fulfillment in the problem-solving aspects of his job, relishing in collaboration with team members and external vendors, along with the dynamic nature of project management and the opportunity for travel. 

Reflecting on his career journey, Parry acknowledges the initial struggle to transition from military to civilian life, highlighting the often-underappreciated value of military experience in the corporate world.  

“That and navigating differing communication styles and preferences has posed ongoing challenges throughout my career,” he notes.  

From farm life to facilities 

Parry’s fascination with facilities management began in his formative years, growing up on a farm where he developed a knack for building and repairing. This hands-on experience laid the groundwork for his later career endeavors. 

Wesley Parry | Director of Facilities | GMH Communities 

After high school, Parry embarked on a distinguished 22-year military career, reaching the rank of Sergeant First Class. He earned a business degree while in the service and a master’s after retiring, proving it is never too late to learn.  

His time in the Army provided many opportunities to hone his engineering skills, solidifying his passion for construction and maintenance. 

“The Army taught me many things about leadership, but the most important was that you can teach anyone to manage, but leadership is only really gained from experience and mentorship,” he says. “There is no class that can teach you to lead.” 

Following his military service, Parry transitioned into civilian life and found himself drawn to the facilities industry. Initially hired as a construction manager at a resort, he quickly rose to the occasion when tasked with assuming leadership roles in engineering. This moment catapulted Parry into his current position, where he oversees operations with precision and dedication. 

In addition to his professional pursuits, Parry’s personal life reflects his adventurous spirit and commitment to family. With 36 years of marriage and two sons, he cherishes quality time with his grandson while eagerly anticipating the arrival of his granddaughter. 

As an avid golfer and traveler, Parry embraces life’s experiences with enthusiasm and curiosity. His upcoming journey to Ireland symbolizes his unwavering passion for exploration and discovery. 

“A lot of facility maintenance can be very reactionary,” Parry says. “It is important to lean forward in the foxhole wherever and whenever possible.” 



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