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Vincent Bruzzese – HITT

Following in Dad’s construction industry footsteps 

It might sound like a cliché, but for Vincent Bruzzese, it’s true. Construction is in his blood. His grandfather, Vincent Bruzzese, was a stonemason, and that work led Bruzzese’s father, Dominic Bruzzese, to follow in his footsteps in the construction industry.  

Bruzzese grew up watching his father don his hard hat and head off to construction sites daily. Something was awe-inspiring about how his father managed a team of workers, executed complex projects, and turned empty plots of land into magnificent structures. As Bruzzese observed his father’s tireless dedication and passion for the construction industry, he knew he wanted to become a construction manager like him. 

Vincent Bruzzese – HITT Contracting Inc. 

“I owe a lot of my success to learning from my dad and listening to his experiences and how he learned from my grandfather,” Bruzzese tells Blueprint magazine. “Growing up and watching him gave me valuable insights into the construction industry.” 

Applying the knowledge he gained from watching his dad led Bruzzese to a successful career in the industry. He is now a senior project manager for HITT, an 87-year-old Virginia-based company with over 1,600 employees in 14 offices nationwide. HITT specializes in corporate interiors, life sciences, mission-critical and light industrial spaces.  

Building a foundation 

All the experience in the world doesn’t mean the job doesn’t have its challenges. One key aspect that has changed in the industry over the years is client expectations. While the core expectations have remained the same, such as quality of work and reliable project completion, there has been a growing demand for faster project delivery, Bruzzese says. Given the continued disruptions in the supply chain, achieving that is not easy. However, he says he and his HITT team work tirelessly to meet and exceed client expectations.  

Bruzzese and his team recently completed a project in Rochester, New York, to build a large call center for one of the nation’s leading wireless providers. The space started as an empty shell without infrastructure, power and water. The HITT team transformed the 83,000-sf empty shell space into conferencing areas, meeting rooms, an open office layout, a cafeteria, a theater, a merchandise store, a patio, restrooms, showers, and even a gym, catering to both productivity and well-being. 

Vincent Bruzzese – HITT Contracting Inc. 

Construction started in February 2023, and the building was officially completed in January. The first employees have begun working in the new space, and a ribbon-cutting ceremony is planned for the spring.  

“Seeing your client move into the space you created for them makes the hard work and long days totally worth it,” he exclaims.  

Looking ahead to the rest of 2024, Bruzzese is excited about upcoming projects as part of a partnership with a co-working client that has consistently expanded its market share and has been a valuable collaborator with HITT over the past year.  

Tools of the trade 

Recruiting and retaining the best talent is another crucial aspect of Bruzzese’s HITT role. With many applications, finding qualified candidates who align with the company’s culture is challenging. However, once the right individuals are onboard, the low turnover rate reflects HITT employees’ passion and the company’s growth opportunities.  

“We prioritize creating an environment that values work-life balance, ensuring that employees can enjoy their work while maintaining a healthy personal life,” Bruzzese says.  

Vincent Bruzzese – HITT Contracting Inc. 

For Bruzzese, the most challenging part of his job is balancing his team’s well-being with the project’s demands. He strives to ensure that his team members have a comfortable and welcoming work environment and find fulfillment in their work. Additionally, securing a solid pipeline of upcoming projects is essential to providing job security for everyone at HITT.  

Despite the challenges that come with the job, seeing a project come to life makes it worth it, he says. Witnessing a space transformed into a fully functional environment that clients can enjoy for years brings him immense satisfaction and pride.  

“Walking through New York City and pointing out buildings I’ve worked on never gets old,” Bruzzese says.  

Like father, like son 

Bruzzese is a first-generation American—his father was born in Calabria, Italy, and came to the U.S. as a kid. When Bruzzese was in high school and college, he tried to learn as much about construction and the industry as possible. His first summer job was when he was 16  and worked as a laborer for his father’s company. After an internship at a hedge fund during college, Bruzzese realized that life wasn’t for him. 

After earning a degree in marketing & management from Siena College, Bruzzese found his way back to the construction industry and spent four years in various roles for Interior Construction Corporation as an assistant superintendent. After 18 months as a construction manager for WeWork and over two years as director of construction for Brookfield Properties, an opportunity to join HITT presented itself. He joined the company in his current role in February 2022.  

Vincent Bruzzese – HITT Contracting Inc. 

“My dad and his business specialized in corporate interiors, and corporate interiors have been a common theme throughout my career,” Bruzzese says. “And corporate interiors are my main focus at HITT today.” 

While his father was a demanding general contractor, there was never any yelling, screaming or belittling of his employees. There are always problems that arise during a project, but stepping back and looking at the challenges holistically is something Bruzzese has always done.  

 How you resolve a problem can impact how your business is perceived, Bruzzese says. He always looks at how a specific decision will impact upcoming projects, whether financially or with how a client relationship develops.  

“I have also learned to engage the right people to come up with solutions,” Bruzzese says. “I’m humble enough to know I don’t have all the answers, and collaborating and figuring something out together makes any team stronger, especially at HITT.” 



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