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Steve McNabb – Allgeier Martin and Associates

Innovation and efficiency in engineering

As the President of Allgeier Martin and Associates, Inc., Steve McNabb oversees a dynamic company specializing in electrical and civil engineering. Serving clients across the Midwest, the firm boasts comprehensive in-house capabilities, including surveying, right-of-way, mapping, computer services, and reprographics departments, ensuring most projects are completed in-house to maximize control over costs and efficiency.

Steve McNabb | President | Allgeier Martin and Associates

Steve McNabb | President | Allgeier Martin and Associates

Under McNabb’s leadership, Allgeier Martin has distinguished itself through its ability to cultivate strong partnerships with clients, understand their unique needs and deliver projects on time. McNabb takes pride in the company’s ability to manage complex projects.

“As the president, my mission is to foster strong client partnerships by understanding their unique needs and delivering projects with precision and efficiency. Our success at Allgeier Martin comes from our commitment to innovative solutions, continuous improvement, and a dedicated team,” McNabb says.

Maintaining a future-focused approach

Embracing innovation, McNabb plans to introduce new products like Drone LiDAR, showcasing the company’s commitment to adopting cutting-edge technologies. This drone-based LiDAR technology contributes to the firm’s diverse project portfolio. LiDAR drones collect data that can be turned into detailed 3D models for various applications, from surveying forests to mapping eroded shorelines. McNabb’s forward-thinking approach ensures that Allgeier Martin remains at the forefront of the engineering industry.

Steve McNabb | President | Allgeier Martin and Associates

Allgeier Martin’s ability to tackle many projects while maintaining a future-focused approach reflects McNabb’s leadership. “By constantly evolving and incorporating new technologies, the company not only delivers exceptional results but also builds meaningful relationships with clients, solidifying its position as a forward-thinking engineering firm in the Midwest,” McNabb says.

McNabb supports the goals and focus of Allgeier Martin by ensuring the company keeps up with its workload, keeps core clients happy, and achieves strategic growth. One notable achievement is the successful rehabilitation and complete rebuild of a power plant substation. This complex project required meticulous planning and procedures to ensure uninterrupted service through 700-plus megawatt generators. This project started in 2019 and the first phase was completed last year, with a second phase upcoming.

Another significant project is the NW Arkansas Structure. This involved rebuilding an old line in a newly urbanized area, requiring innovative solutions to fit the line into a small space. McNabb was heavily involved in the design and planning, demonstrating his hands-on approach and technical expertise.

Investing in people

McNabb’s leadership style is characterized by his ability to see the big picture and his commitment to continuous learning and development. He values the importance of investing in people, internally and externally. This philosophy has allowed Allgeier Martin to take on complex projects, like the power plant substation rebuild and the line restoration project in the Midwest, and successfully accomplish them.

Steve McNabb | President | Allgeier Martin and Associates

Reflecting on his career journey, McNabb emphasizes the company’s family-oriented culture and the long-term relationships it has built with its employees and clients. “We operate a little bit differently than a lot of companies. We are in our third year of a five-year plan with clear objectives, and my focus has been on day-to-day operations while still being out in the field, doing engineering work,” McNabb says.

Teamwork plays a central role in McNabb’s leadership approach. He believes that Allgeier Martin’s success hinges on the collaboration and dedication of its team members.

“Our ability to complete complex projects on time and within budget is a direct result of the strong teamwork we cultivate here,” McNabb says. Every member of our team, from the newest intern to the most senior engineer, is encouraged to contribute ideas and take ownership of their work.”

McNabb’s dedication to his work and ability to inspire and lead his team have been key factors in Allgeier Martin’s success. His future plans for the company include continuing to serve core clients while integrating new technologies and focusing on strategic growth.

“Leadership is about seeing the big picture and committing to continuous learning and development. By investing in people, we’ve tackled complex projects successfully. Our team’s collaborative spirit and innovative mindset drive us forward,” McNabb says.

From intern to president

McNabb’s journey began with an early exposure to the industry through his father’s work in the power business, where he developed transmission systems in the Midwest. Inspired by his father, McNabb pursued a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from the Missouri University of Science and Technology (formerly the University of Missouri Rolla).

Steve McNabb | President | Allgeier Martin and Associates

McNabb’s career at Allgeier Martin and Associates started with an internship during his sophomore year of college. Despite having multiple offers upon graduation, McNabb chose to stay with Allgeier Martin and Associates because it felt like a perfect fit. Over the years, he advanced through various roles, gaining invaluable experience and insights into the business. This dedication culminated in his appointment as president in February 2019.

With over 40 years of service at the company, McNabb’s journey from intern to president showcases a remarkable commitment to the firm and the field of electrical engineering. His leadership has been instrumental in guiding Allgeier Martin and Associates through significant projects and developments.

Outside of his professional life, McNabb maintains a strong connection to his roots in farming. Growing up on a hobby farm instilled in him a deep appreciation for agriculture, a passion he continues to pursue by running his own farm. This balance of professional dedication and personal interests reflects McNabb’s well-rounded character and commitment to preserving family traditions.



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