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The Exterior Company 

Pioneering Growth and Leadership in Roofing 

In the realm of roofing, few names shine as brightly as The Exterior Company. Beyond the roofing business, TEC stands tall as a pioneer, a leader dedicated to laying shingles and building a culture of excellence and growth. At its core lies a profound commitment to its employees, a belief that fostering their growth and empowerment paves the way for unprecedented success. 

“Our employees are the heartbeat of TEC’s success. Their passion, dedication and expertise form the foundation of our achievements. We don’t just value our team; we invest in them,” affirms Ryan Hoke, President of The Exterior Company.  

The Exterior Company 

Hoke says this commitment is not merely a statement but a guiding principle deeply woven into the fabric of TEC’s ethos.  

Recognizing that a company’s strength resides in the well-being and growth of its employees, TEC has embarked on a transformative journey. Listening, understanding and acting on the aspirations and needs of its workforce has become a foundational pillar across every facet of the organization, especially amongst the company’s leaders. 

This philosophy isn’t rhetoric; it serves as the compass guiding the company’s trajectory. It illuminates the path toward a transformative new leadership program—a program meticulously crafted to enhance the sales force and fortify the entire company. 

In 2024, TEC is launching its Next Generation Leadership program, an initiative designed to shape key talent within the company. Hoke says that NGL candidates all exhibit natural leadership qualities, which will be explored and expanded during the program. Centered around proven “Principles of Success,” the program focuses on foundational elements that effective leaders within TEC possess. 

“When individuals are empowered, collective success follows. This program isn’t just about sales figures; it’s about creating a powerhouse of confident, driven professionals, which is what is going to take our company to the next level,” states Dave Allen, a future leader developing in the NGL program. 

The Exterior Company 

Next Generation Leadership isn’t just a manual or a set of guidelines; it’s a launchpad for ambition. It instills confidence among the sales force, enabling them to navigate the roofing industry’s nuances with finesse, precision, and a newfound sense of purpose. 

Sales Manager James Diffenderfer shares the same enthusiasm as many others throughout the organization.  

“A company is only as strong as its people. Our new Next Generation Leadership program is a testament to our commitment to our team’s growth and the company’s prosperity,” Diffenderfer says.  

Stronger communities through philanthropy

The Exterior Company understands that a commitment to philanthropy isn’t just an addendum to its success; it’s a driving force propelled by the passion and dedication of its employees, nurtured and championed by its leadership as an integral part of its larger mission. 

Diffenderfer says that philanthropy isn’t an obligation; it’s an opportunity to make a tangible difference.  

The Exterior Company 

“Our employees aren’t just part of a company; they’re part of a movement dedicated to community betterment,” he says.  

From volunteering at local shelters around Thanksgiving or hosting food drives and toy drives around Christmas to donating to cancer awareness initiatives and local sports teams, TEC’s philanthropic endeavors are as diverse as the communities they serve. These initiatives aren’t just one-time acts of kindness but ongoing commitments, illustrating TEC’s unwavering dedication to fostering long-term, positive change in the roofing industry. 

A path to future growth

The Exterior Company’s vision for growth transcends conventional benchmarks, woven with threads of transformation, community empowerment and ambitious milestones. As the company sets its sights on the audacious goal of achieving eight-digit sales figures, it’s not merely a numerical conquest but a strategic leap forward fueled by a commitment to both internal development and external impact. 

The fusion of a pioneering leadership program and TEC’s unwavering dedication to community upliftment isn’t just a strategic move; it’s the linchpin to realizing this growth. It signifies a holistic approach—a realization that success isn’t solely measured in financial digits but in the metamorphosis of lives touched and communities enriched. 

The Exterior Company 

Pursuing an eight-digit sales benchmark isn’t merely a company objective. It’s a catalyst for an expansive ripple effect and the impetus for new job creation, fresh growth opportunities and a seismic shift propelling TEC towards unparalleled success in the years to come. 

Envision a future where TEC isn’t just a participant in the industry but a trailblazer setting new standards. Imagine a team not content with meeting expectations but consistently exceeding them. TEC meticulously crafted this blueprint, promising a future brimming with innovation, progress and unwavering success. 

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— Cole Settem, Communications Coordinator, Brain Corp
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