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Robert Weihe – Weihe Construction

Leading Weihe construction to new heights

Robert Weihe, president of Weihe Construction, is a man of deep Christian faith and Midwestern values. He leads the company with a commitment to integrity and excellence, upholding the legacy of quality established by his father, Alan Weihe, who founded the company in 1964. Weihe’s leadership is characterized by a dedication to honesty, hard work, and the principles that have been the foundation of Weihe Construction since its inception.

Operating primarily in the Indianapolis metropolitan area, Weihe Construction has firmly established itself as an elite construction company specializing in diverse services. These include earthwork, lime stabilization, sewer camera inspections, precast bridge structures, construction management, estimating services, site utilities, and site concrete services. The company’s expertise ensures that each project is completed to the highest standards, meeting every client’s unique needs and challenges.

Weihe’s approach to leadership involves continuous innovation while staying true to the core values that have defined the company for decades. His vision for Weihe Construction balances tradition with progress, ensuring that the company maintains its reputation for excellence and adapts to the evolving demands of the construction industry. Through his commitment to quality and integrity, Weihe continues to guide Weihe Construction toward new heights of success.

Innovative infrastructure solutions

Weihe and his partner, Alan Small, ensure that every project is executed in good faith, reflecting the company’s core values. This approach is a testament to the principles instilled by his father.

“We are very relational,” Weihe says. “Our clients become our friends who return for repeat business and give us referrals. We have a strong work ethic and deliver a quality product on time.”

In the city of Noblesville, Indiana, Weihe Construction is spearheading the Midland Pointe project, a transformative 34-acre, mixed-use development aimed at enhancing the city’s western gateway. This ambitious project is set to catalyze development at the intersection of two major roadways, serving as a crucial hub for the community.

Since breaking ground last year, Weihe Construction has diligently worked on the site, ensuring that the development progresses satisfactorily. The project involves a comprehensive range of construction services, from earthwork and lime stabilization to utilities and concrete work. By leveraging their extensive expertise, Weihe Construction is turning Midland Pointe into a landmark development that promises to bring significant economic and social benefits to Noblesville.

Under Weihe’s leadership, Weihe Construction remains the preferred choice in the construction industry, maintaining his father’s legacy of quality and reliability. As the company grows and takes on new challenges, Weihe’s vision and commitment to good faith practices ensure that Weihe Construction will remain a leader in the field for years.

Building with integrity and excellence

In Danville, Indiana, Weihe Construction is hard at work on the Miles Farm subdivision. This project involves laying out the infrastructure for a new residential community, ensuring it is well-prepared to accommodate future growth.

The Miles Farm project showcases Weihe Construction’s ability to handle large-scale infrastructure projects. The company’s comprehensive services, including sewer projects, precast bridge structures, and site utilities, are used to create a robust foundation for this new subdivision. The project highlights Weihe Construction’s commitment to quality and capacity to undertake complex projects requiring meticulous planning and execution.

Back in Noblesville, Weihe Construction is also making significant progress with additions at The Timbers, an upscale residential subdivision. This project involves enhancing an existing community, adding new features, and improving infrastructure to elevate the living experience for its residents.

The Timbers project exemplifies Weihe Construction’s dedication to delivering high-quality residential developments. By focusing on site concrete services, construction management, and estimating services, the company ensures that every aspect of the project meets the highest standards. The additions to The Timbers reflect Weihe Construction’s ability to blend functionality with aesthetic appeal, creating a harmonious and desirable living environment.

“Our work reflects our commitment to building strong, vibrant communities. We approach each project with meticulous planning and a focus on quality, ensuring we create robust foundations and beautiful living spaces that residents can be proud of,” Weihe says.

A legacy of excellence

Weihe has carved out a remarkable path of success, rooted deeply in his Midwestern values and Christian faith. An alumnus of Purdue University, Weihe has skillfully guided the company to become a trusted name in the construction industry.

Weihe Construction has steadily grown its reputation as the go-to firm for various construction services. Under Weihe’s leadership, the company excels. Weihe’s dedication to upholding his father’s legacy while continuously innovating has been key to the company’s success. His commitment to integrity and excellence ensures that Weihe Construction remains a leader in preparing land for structures, no matter the project requirements.

“Guided by Midwestern values and Christian faith, we’ve built a reputation for excellence and trust in the construction industry. My journey has been about upholding my father’s legacy while embracing innovation. At Weihe Construction, we excel in a wide range of services, ensuring every project meets our high standards of integrity and quality,” Weihe says.



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