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Mason Potvin – Olympus Property 

Delivering a luxury living experience 

Luxury multi-family developers operate in a highly competitive market where differentiation is vital to attracting discerning residents. As urbanization increases and demographics shift, developers face many challenges that they must navigate to make their properties stand out and appeal to potential residents. 

Mason Potvin – Olympus Property 

Mason Potvin | Director of Construction

But luxury living is no longer defined by opulence alone; functionality is equally important. Residents expect amenities that look impressive and enhance their daily lives. Developers must invest in high-quality, sustainable materials and integrate technology seamlessly into their designs to offer a living experience that is both beautiful and practical. 

That means busy times for people like Mason Potvin, director of construction for Olympus Property’s central division. 

“As an employee of the company and a resident of one of our properties, I have a vested interest in doing my part to help the company expand into new markets and succeed,” Potvin says.  

Meeting resident expectations 

In the late 1990s and early 2000s, stainless steel appliances and granite countertops were considered an upgrade, but in 2024, those are standard in most apartment buildings. Now, luxury properties are more defined by the convenience and resident experience they provide, Potvin says.  

Olympus Properties prides itself on caring for its residents and making them the company’s top priority. That is reflected in the capital expenditures it makes to spare no expense on renovations and repairs.  

Mason Potvin – Olympus Property 

Renters have countless choices when it comes to where to live. While Potvin agrees that amenities are one thing that attracts people to Olympus Properties and other similar organizations, the amenities only serve as a focal point if they are aesthetically pleasing and functional.  

“What good is having a pool deck and hot tub if it doesn’t look nice, the water is too cold, and the hot tub isn’t working most of the time,” Potvin says.  

Since Potvin joined the company in 2022, his team has expanded from two to five members, with each dedicated to a different region of the country. The new team members resulted from a meticulous two-year selection process to identify suitable candidates.  

Potvin says his team is adequately staffed for its portfolio size, but as the company grows, there is an expectation that his team will grow, too.  

“After we found the right people, we worked hard to empower them to take ownership in the work and confidently make decisions,” Potvin explains.  

Looking ahead to the rest of 2024, Mason mentions that one of his upcoming projects is a pool area renovation at a Las Colinas property. This project is challenging because of the vague direction and tight budget. The plan is to troubleshoot how to repair a large area of deck coating and water features and add some modernization and aesthetic upgrades. Getting buy-in from all the parties involved is challenging because of different business goals, but we all agree on solving the problem.  

“In a case like this and other instances, it is important to meet contractors on site so expectations are aligned, and they can understand the entire team’s goal,” he says.  

Aligning various stakeholders’ expectations is one of the biggest challenges Potvin faces. However, he thrives on problem-solving and relishes each project’s unique challenges. He says he measures success by his ability to resolve issues to everyone’s satisfaction, a testament to his adaptability and resolution-focused mindset.  

A unique career path 

Potvin’s journey into construction was unconventional, stemming from a background in athletic training and legal services rather than a longstanding passion for the field. This diverse background has equipped him with a unique skill set, allowing him to approach construction management with fresh perspectives and problem-solving acumen. 

Potvin earned a degree in history from the University of Wisconsin and spent over nine years in management for various fitness companies. He joined Olympus as project manager of construction and was promoted to his current position in October 2023.  

Mason Potvin – Olympus Property 

“Transitioning from fitness to construction management was easier than I expected. Many of the same skills are involved in different and new capacities. Follow-through, clear communication, goal setting, and creating timelines and expectations all have a place in both industries,” Potvin says.  

Staying engaged and continually learning has been a theme throughout Potvin’s career, with monotony being his greatest adversary. His role at Olympus Properties provides an antidote to this, offering a variety of projects that keep his workday diverse and intellectually stimulating. 

On a personal note, Potvin’s life is as vibrant and dynamic as his career. Recently married in Costa Rica, he shares his life with his wife, Taylor, and their two dogs. An avid exerciser, soccer enthusiast, sharpshooter, culinary aficionado and world traveler, he has visited England, South Korea, Costa Rica, Canada, the Dominican Republic and Japan, and he and his wife are already planning their next adventure to Thailand or back to England. 

“To live life to the fullest is to experience and try as many new things as possible. From travel to food to new adventures, each one has an impact that shapes us,” he says.  


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