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John Mercure – Raydeo Enterprises

Leading a creative construction journey

Names are everything. Take Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta. Most think it is a pretty name, but because of a famous Queen song, the world knows her as Lady Gaga.

While John Mercure’s brother didn’t have as much success with his rock opera band as Ms. Germanotta, its moniker led to the name of the brothers’ construction company, Raydeo Enterprises.

John Mercure - Raydeo

“The band was called Raydeo Ranger and Planetary News, and my goal with this business was to get him started down the musical road of success and then leverage that money earned to create several individual enterprises,” says Mercure, the company’s CEO and president. “It was a lofty plan, but I was young and full of energy.”

That energy has been leveraged as Raydeo Enterprises has become a premier commercial construction fabrication firm specializing in developing, manufacturing and installing architectural-grade products. With the ability to integrate materials like metals, wood, resins, glass, lighting, and specialty finishes, Raydeo is a reliable one-stop solution for clients.

Mercure’s dedication to supporting the goals and focus of Raydeo is evident in his efforts to prioritize employee development and revamp training techniques. Additionally, he places significant emphasis on recruiting top talent and fostering growth within the company. He accomplishes this by showcasing notable projects like the Georgia World Congress Center Hotel and the Ralph McGill Boulevard projects in Atlanta to highlight Raydeo’s capabilities.

“Everyone looks for us to tackle the next big stadium project, and we have plenty of them on the books for 2024 and 2025,” Mercure says.

Seeing their work

The Georgia World Congress Center Hotel is an ambitious project that focuses on high-end interiors and is set to be completed by the end of the year. The project involves creative elements, incorporating hand-formed metal panels treated with a proprietary process and showcasing gigantic spires that adorn the front of the Grand Hall. With its integration of various Raydeo products, including millwork, metalwork, signs, awnings, storefronts, and railings, this project truly exemplifies the company’s immense scope and meticulous craftsmanship.

The hotel is connected to the Georgia World Congress Center in the heart of downtown Atlanta. Mercure says the entire property is immense and will be another showcase property in the Raydeo portfolio.

Another significant project highlighting Raydeo’s creative process is the Ralph McGill Boulevard project in Atlanta. This undertaking showcases the company’s expertise in wood and metal—the metal wall panels are one of many newly created product lines for this building.

John Mercure | CEO & President | Raydeo Enterprises

“This project promises to breathe new life into the old distribution hub of Atlanta and make it a vibrant center for the community,” he explains.

Looking towards the future, Mercure highlights a range of exciting projects on tap for the coming years. These projects include collaboration with working on self-help IT kiosks for prominent companies like IBM and Cisco. He also mentions the restoration of an awe-inspiring awning built in 1912 for the Ford Factory Lofts in Atlanta, showcasing a passion for adaptive use projects and preserving history. Additionally, Raydeo’s partnership with Lowe’s in developing railing solutions continues to provide promising opportunities.

To complete all these projects—and others like at Mercedes-Benz Stadium and Truist Park—Raydeo Enterprises needs a dedicated and hard-working team. Mercure says the company is experiencing growth but is also looking for talented people whose values align with Raydeo’s culture.

And while challenges may arise in the supply chain and with talent acquisition, Mercure remains confident that Raydeo’s projects and culture attract the right individuals.

“The ingredients of success start here,” he says.

Building a career

When asked why he chose a career in the construction industry, Mercure says he wanted to be an athlete and had some initial success in that pursuit. He also wanted to be a rock star and dabbled in that field. But ultimately, he took a different path.

“God made me a builder, pointed me in this direction and told me to build something and gather people to help me do it,” he says. “I am blessed to be doing what I am doing.”

Mercure attended Kennesaw State University and has been in his current role with Raydeo Enterprises since 1987. While the company began to support his brother’s musical aspirations, it evolved, and the brothers’ vision expanded.

Working with family has been a natural fit for Mercure, as he emphasizes their exceptional intelligence and talent. Although most family members have moved on to pursue different paths, Mercure’s daughter, Shelby Mercure, remains an integral part of the company and has proven to be an asset

John Mercure | CEO & President | Raydeo Enterprises

“She has an amazing ability to learn and quickly put that knowledge to use,” he says. “She is producing great work right now, which excites me for how much promise she has for the future.”

Additionally, Preston Byers is a trusted confidant—and Mercure’s business partner—who has worked for the company for 25 years. His contribution is immeasurable, Mercure says.

“We also have many other great talents who have extensive tenure with us,” he adds.

Mercure’s leadership team and commitment have propelled Raydeo Enterprises to greater heights in the commercial construction fabrication industry. Their unwavering dedication to employee development, recruiting top talent and delivering exceptional results sets the foundation for continued success. As Raydeo endeavors beyond 2024 and embraces new challenges, Mercure stands ready to steer the company on a path of innovation, creativity and community impact.

“The past 36 years have been filled with exceptional projects that have each been unique journeys, from the initial concept to the final realization,” Mercure says. “As we look forward, the excitement of unchartered territories and the potential for distinctive and groundbreaking work continue to fuel our passion and commitment.”

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