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Holly Gotfredson – American Metalcraft 

Metals, Mastery, and Legacy 

Holly Gotfredson, the president of American Metalcraft, Inc., stands at the helm of a WBE-certified architectural metal product company that has been a prominent force in the industry since its inception in 1986. Under her visionary leadership, American Metalcraft remains a trusted resource, providing an extensive array of high-quality aluminum, zinc, and stainless products, including rain screens, wet seal systems, perforated panels, ornamental metal, custom sunshades, column covers, brake metal and decorative exterior elements. 

Holly Gotfredson | President | American Metalcraft 

Photo Credit: Heather Photographers

The collaboration between American Metalcraft and its sister company, Finishing Dynamics, under the same roof ensures impeccable quality control from inception to completion and contributes to a lower carbon footprint. Celebrating its 20th year in the extrusion coating and fabrication/finishing market, Finishing Dynamics plays a crucial role in enhancing the efficiency and capabilities of both entities.  

“Starting with both companies almost 20 years ago, I’ve witnessed the growth and innovation that’s been born out of the relationship between the two businesses,” Gotfredson says.  

Diverse projects and market expansion 

A recent example of their capabilities is the Penn Presbyterian Medical Center project, a state-of-the-art healthcare facility in Philadelphia. American Metalcraft and Finishing Dynamics engineered, fabricated and finished approximately 900 custom perforated panels and an aluminum structural attachment system, showcasing their prowess in delivering tailored solutions. 

Holly Gotfredson | President | American Metalcraft 

Photo Credit: Heather Photographers

Gotfredson’s leadership was essential in steering the company through unprecedented challenges, including a global pandemic, supply chain shortages, labor shortages and economic uncertainty. With a commitment to being a lifelong learner and fostering a transparent and authentic company culture, Gotfredson emphasizes collaboration and adaptability in overcoming these challenges. 

The Finishing Dynamics team implemented a state-of-the-art mix-and-match system, which helped address supply chain shortages, showcasing their commitment to staying adaptable and investing in new capabilities. This strategic move allowed them to mitigate some of the impact of potential disruptions. 

As American Metalcraft continues to expand its market share, Gotfredson’s leadership remains instrumental in navigating economic shifts and emerging as a valuable resource for the design community. The company’s dedication to sustainable practices, recycling 100 percent of scrap aluminum, and maintaining stringent quality control through in-house production sets them apart. 

“Having an in-house paint line means no shipping between two separate facilities. American Metalcraft has a lower carbon footprint because everything is done under one roof,” she says.  

Penn Presbyterian Medical Center – custom perforated panels and structural tubing by American Metalcraft and Finishing Dynamics.

For the rest of 2024, American Metalcraft will be engaged in diverse projects across healthcare, corporate, higher education, K-12, government buildings, retail and hospitality. Notable recent projects include the William & Mary College Creative Arts Center and Spartanburg County Courthouse. The company is currently working on projects such as the Froedtert Healthcare project in Wisconsin and the Inova Health Campus in Virginia, showcasing its commitment to innovation and excellence. 

“Our favorite projects involve early design input, allowing us to contribute to the architect’s vision and streamline costs,” Gotfredson says.  

Nurturing Growth From Within 

Gotfredson fosters a company culture that values long-term relationships and service within the team. This approach has resulted in exceptionally high retention rates, a testament to the strength of the team-centric philosophy. 

The company’s attractive employment package, featuring benefits such as free healthcare, paid maternity and paternity leave and a “delegate and empower” philosophy, positions American Metalcraft and Finishing Dynamics as appealing employers in the marketplace.  

Service award recognition for team members

“Working collaboratively and empowering team members is crucial, and creating an environment where individuals feel valued and motivated to contribute their best is also important,” she says.  

Fostering a strong company culture is a priority for Gotfredson and the leadership team. They genuinely care about each other, creating a culture of psychological safety where team members feel comfortable sharing personal struggles and seeking support. Putting people first is a unifying principle that underlines the authenticity of relationships within the company. 

To develop the company’s next generation of leaders, Gotfredson encourages open conversations about career aspirations. Many in upper management started on the production floor, exemplifying a culture of internal growth and mentorship. Their knowledge, experience, and talent are vital in training and preparing the next generation of leaders. 

Love for the family business 

After Gotfredson graduated with an art history degree from the University of Georgia, her professional life began at the High Museum, then as the marketing manager for All Atlanta Realty, a role she held for nearly 11 years.  

As an integral part of American Metalcraft and Finishing Dynamics for the last two decades, Gotfredson navigates challenges and celebrates victories, showcasing her resilience and determination. In November, she will commemorate seven years as the owner of the business, a role she embraced with gratitude and a vision for sustained growth. 

Philly Live Casino (Abstract Photography, Inc.) – custom perforated panels and structural tubing system by American Metalcraft and Finishing Dynamics

Beyond the boardroom, Gotfredson finds joy and fulfillment in her family life. Celebrating 25 years of marriage, she and her husband cherish moments with their two daughters. Travel holds a special place in their hearts, allowing them to explore various countries together. Gotfredson’s commitment to a healthy lifestyle is evident as she begins her workday at 4:15 a.m., engaging in cycle or strength-training classes at 5:30 a.m. Her passion for staying active is complemented by creative pursuits, including writing short stories and music. 

“Embrace challenges, celebrate victories, and savor every moment—life’s canvas is painted with resilience, gratitude, and a vision for sustained growth,” Gotfredson says. 


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