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Erik Janush – Anterra  

Constructing dreams & rebuilding communities 

Erik Janush is the vice president of construction at Anterra, a company specializing in multifamily services encompassing property management, acquisition, repositioning and construction management. With an eye for growth opportunities and a dedication to maintaining personalized client connections, Janush spearheads various initiatives to expand the company’s portfolio. 

Erik Janush | Vice President of Construction |  Anterra  

Erik Janush | Vice President of Construction |  Anterra

One of Janush’s primary endeavors is overseeing the rehabilitation of older properties within Anterra’s portfolio, ensuring they remain contemporary and conducive to resident satisfaction. This involves meticulously planning and executing renovation projects to update and modernize existing sites. Janush’s hands-on approach is crucial in guiding these rehabilitation efforts, emphasizing quality and attention to detail at every step of the process. 

“Each project represents an opportunity to make a meaningful impact, whether providing comfortable homes for families or creating vibrant spaces for communities to thrive,” Janush tells Blueprint during an interview in April. “Our focus extends beyond construction; it’s about fostering a sense of belonging and revitalizing the spirit of the places we touch. Through our work, we aim to leave a lasting legacy of positive transformation, one project at a time.”  

Commitment to modernization 

Janush is committed to expanding Anterra’s property portfolio through strategic acquisitions and partnerships. Leveraging his extensive experience and industry insights, he identifies promising opportunities for growth and spearheads initiatives to acquire new properties. By fostering collaborative relationships with external partners and stakeholders, Janush cultivates an environment conducive to business expansion and long-term success. 

Erik Janush | Vice President of Construction |  Anterra  

In pursuit of Anterra’s ambitious growth targets, Janush is actively developing and executing comprehensive growth strategies. These strategies encompass various aspects of business development, including market analysis, feasibility studies, and financial planning. Janush’s strategic insight and forward-thinking approach are vital in driving Anterra’s growth trajectory and positioning the company for sustained success in the competitive multifamily sector. 

Janush’s multifaceted role underscores his instrumental contribution to the company’s continued success and expansion. Through his unwavering commitment to excellence, hands-on leadership style, and strategic vision, Janush plays an important role in shaping Anterra’s future trajectory and solidifying its position as a leader in the multifamily industry. 

“We’re not aiming to be the biggest player in the market. We focus on staying boutique and maintaining that hands-on approach with our clients. It’s about quality over quantity, ensuring every interaction counts and every property reflects our commitment to excellence,” Janush says. 

Hands-on leadership 

Janush leads with a dynamic approach that embraces the industry’s flow. He understands the importance of adaptability in an ever-changing landscape. From slow years focused on unit renovations to the exhilarating pace of building fresh units, Janush navigates each project with precision and agility. 

Erik Janush | Vice President of Construction |  Anterra  

Under Janush’s leadership, Anterra is tackling exterior rehabs in Dallas-Fort Worth and San Antonio—there are three ongoing projects in Dallas-Fort Worth. With no fixed cadence, Anterra remains nimble, responding swiftly to market demands and emerging opportunities. 

Looking ahead, Anterra aims to secure bids for future projects, demonstrating its capabilities to lenders and unlocking potential growth opportunities. Yet, the path forward isn’t without its obstacles, with market fluctuations and the intricacies of third-party management adding layers of complexity. 

Despite the challenges, Janush remains dedicated to Anterra’s vision, emphasizing its boutique approach and commitment to personalized client interactions. Focusing on sustainable growth and meaningful partnerships, Anterra sets itself apart in an industry often characterized by scale over substance. 

At the core of Anterra’s success lies a tight-knit leadership team led by President Clay Klatt and Chairman Bill Daves, who actively pursues potential clients while staying true to the company’s boutique approach. With an eye for detail and a dedication to fostering genuine connections, Janush and his team have hands-on leadership in an ever-evolving industry landscape. 

“From renovating units to seizing new projects, we’re precise and adaptable. Despite challenges, our commitment to personalized service remains. With our tight-knit team, we’re shaping Anterra’s future with hands-on leadership,” Janush says. 

From fence builder to construction leader 

Janush’s fascination with construction dates back to his formative years, when he cultivated a talent for building and crafting inspired by his childhood experiences. Growing up, he was always eager to lend a hand. From moving dirt to painting, Janush’s early exposure to the trade laid the foundation for his future endeavors. 

Fueled by a passion for hands-on work, Janush embarked on his entrepreneurial journey, founding a fencing company. While the venture posed initial challenges, Janush’s determination and resilience propelled him. However, the competitive nature of the industry prompted him to seek new opportunities. 

“Owning my own company showed me how the general contracting side of things work and how to treat the GCs that work for me,” he recalls. 

Upon relocating from Rockport, Texas, to Dallas, Janush brought his entrepreneurial spirit to the apartment industry, where he found a new avenue for growth. Starting as a lead maintenance worker for UT-Southwest Medical student housing, he quickly rose through the ranks, overseeing operations for multiple multifamily properties. 

Despite his success in property management, Janush yearned for a role that would allow him to leverage his project management skills. Joining Anterra in 2015 as a lead maintenance supervisor. Janush found the ideal platform to realize his ambitions. With diligence and determination, he navigated the ranks, assuming the role of director of construction after demonstrating his capabilities (he spent several years running sites and became project manager for six months before becoming director of construction).  

Janush’s journey reached its pinnacle when he ascended to vice president of construction at Anterra in June 2023. His ascent from a hands-on project manager to a strategic leader reflects his personal growth and unwavering commitment to excellence.  

As he looks ahead, Janush is poised to continue driving innovation and success in the construction industry, fueled by his passion and dedication to his craft. 

“In the construction world, physical tools are important,” Janush says. “But the greatest tool we have is our mind.” 

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