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Emily Kamish – Mom’s Meals 

Creating a workplace that feels like home 

In the emerging world of meal delivery services, where the efficiency of production meets the personal touch of home-cooked meals, Emily Kamish stands out as a beacon of innovation and heart. As the director of administration, facilities and project management director at Mom’s Meals, Kamish has not only overseen the company’s physical growth but has also been pivotal in shaping a work environment that thrives on flexibility, collaboration, and a deep-seated commitment to the company’s mission. 

Emily Kamish | Director, Administration, Facilities and  Project Management  |  Mom’s Meals 

Emily Kamish | Director, Administration, Facilities and  Project Management  |  Mom’s Meals

Mom’s Meals, headquartered in Ankeny, Iowa, offers home-delivered, medically tailored meals designed by registered dietitians and professional chefs. Kamish oversees the Ankeny location, along with Mom’s Meals facilities and offices in Des Moines and Grinnell, Iowa, Las Vegas, Oklahoma City, North Jackson, Ohio and Conyers, Georgia.  

Kamish joined Mom’s Meals in 2012, a period of dynamic growth for the company that required a project manager and a visionary capable of steering its physical expansion without losing sight of its core values.  

“When I started, the thought and the guiding principles of the Iowa building had been discussed. The leadership knew how they wanted the space to function, and I immediately embraced it,” Kamish recalls.  

The goal was simple yet profound: create a space where employees can thrive, fostering an open and collaborative environment that is the cornerstone of Mom’s Meals’ success. 

Healthy living 

The COVID-19 pandemic tested businesses globally, and Mom’s Meals was no exception. However, the company continued operations and excelled, ensuring that the nation’s most vulnerable continued receiving meals.  

“We supported our partners and clients by continuing production and distribution during COVID. There isn’t a challenge our team can’t rise to,” Kamish proudly states.  

Emily Kamish | Director, Administration, Facilities and  Project Management  |  Mom’s Meals 

Through this period of unprecedented challenges, her team undertook two expansions and a greenfield project, all while implementing necessary health protocols to keep offices and facilities safe and operational. Kamish says the company’s partnerships with ARCO and others that share our commitment to excellence navigated these challenges and delivered work on time and within budget. 

Well before the global pivot to remote work, Kamish had already foreseen the benefits of a hybrid work model.  

“We took things by function, by and large, and now, most everyone is hybrid who has the ability to be,” she explains, emphasizing work-life balance and the importance of flexibility. This approach has not only kept the office space vibrant but also allowed for the continuous evolution of the workspace based on employee feedback, ensuring a space that people not only need to come to but want to. 

At the heart of Kamish’s strategy is a belief in the power of space to enhance work.  

“I want people to be comfortable when they come to the office,” she says, detailing how the design, furniture, and technology evolve to meet the team’s dynamic needs.  

From the CEO sitting in an open space to introducing hotel-style desks for more hybrid workers, every decision intentionally maximizes space utility and fosters a collaborative spirit. 

Delivering the goods 

Because Mom’s Meals is in the food production business, certain rules and regulations must be followed, especially in the food preparation facilities.  

Emily Kamish | Director, Administration, Facilities and  Project Management  |  Mom’s Meals 

“We have to follow requirements set by the USDA, FDA and state and local authorities,” Kamish explains. “Our spaces have to be food safe and people safe.” 

One of the perks of working for Mom’s Meals is the access to breakfast, lunch and dinner at work. But having 50 people on a 30-minute break trying to eat their meals simultaneously can be challenging.  

“We have 24 microwaves,” she says with a laugh. “There are multiple coffee machines and vending machines.” 

All the break rooms Mom’s Meals employees use feature natural light and comfortable seating areas. There are computers for people to check their work email or catch up on news, and there are plenty of restrooms to ensure employees don’t have to wait to use the bathroom. 

“We want our team members to feel valued and provide an environment that is true to what we are as a company,” she adds.  

A unique path 

A military spouse who initially dreamed of becoming an attorney, Kamish’s journey to Mom’s Meals is a testament to adaptability and finding one’s calling in unexpected places.  

Emily Kamish | Director, Administration, Facilities and  Project Management  |  Mom’s Meals 

Kamish earned a political science and government degree from the University of Northern Iowa and spent almost three years as an administrative assistant for the U.S. Department of Defense and another three years as a legal assistant. She held various positions with Purfoods for almost a dozen years before rising to her current position with Mom’s Meals in late 2019.   

Her leadership style, cultivated under the tutelage of Rick Anderson, one of the company’s founders, is centered on patience, confidence, and a partnership approach.  

“We were the General Contractor for that build so I ran all the contracts and payments with our new home office at the time,” she recounts, reflecting on the early trust placed in her that allowed her to grow alongside the company. 

Kamish views her role as more than managing facilities; it’s about nurturing a culture and an environment that reflects Mom’s Meals’ mission.  

“How I engage and interact with employees and partners is a direct reflection of Mom’s Meals and our culture of which inclusion, innovation and respect is valued,” she articulates.  

Her journey is a narrative of growth, not just for herself but for every employee who walks through the doors of Mom’s Meals, becoming part of a family dedicated to making a difference in the lives of those they serve. 

In Kamish, Mom’s Meals has found not just a director but a caretaker of its ethos. This ensures that as the company grows, it remains a place where employees feel valued, supported, and integral to the mission of feeding the nation’s most vulnerable. It’s a narrative of success measured in meals delivered and the smiles and satisfaction of those who make it all possible. 

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