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Blaine Gregson – Jamison Properties 

Turning California dreams into vibrant urban realities 

Blaine Gregson, the director of development at Jamison Properties, spearheads initiatives to combat the ongoing housing shortage in Southern California. As a leader of the development arm of the Jamison organization, which oversees a portfolio exceeding $3 billion, Gregson plays an important part in ensuring the efficiency of internal systems to maximize home construction. 

Blaine Gregson | Director of Development | Jamison Properties 

Blaine Gregson | Director of Development | Jamison Properties

In his current role, Gregson oversees various projects that contribute to the architectural skyline and the fabric of communities. His primary focus lies in the development design and permitting phase, ensuring thoughtful and effective unit layouts and prioritizing the tenant experience.  

A true problem solver, Gregson places himself in the shoes of future occupants, fostering open communication across teams and facilitating a smooth project execution that aligns with regulatory requirements and Jamison Properties’ internal standards. His strategic approach extends beyond merely constructing buildings; it involves creating vibrant and sustainable living spaces that resonate with the essence of California dreaming. 

“My responsibilities vary throughout the development process, but I always prioritize the critical path to project completion, and I’m always mindful of how individuals will interact with the buildings we’re designing,” Gregson says. “Our goal is to convert underutilized properties into thriving living spaces that benefit not only future occupants but the surrounding neighborhood as well.” 

California dreamin’ 

In the heart of the California dream, Gregson and Jamison Properties primarily focus on constructing market-rate multi-family buildings with a unique twist—allocating 10 percent of units for extremely low-income households in most ground-up developments. This distinctive approach contributes to underserved neighborhoods and transforms underutilized commercial buildings into vibrant multi-family structures. 

Los Angeles’ Koreatown, where Jamison Properties is headquartered, serves as a central hub for their projects, strategically positioning them to meet the high demand for housing in one of the most densely populated areas on the West Coast. Gregson’s leadership aligns with environmental goals, promoting walkability, encouraging electric vehicle adoption and creating a sustainable living environment. 

“Our commitment to increasing the housing supply in Los Angeles has given us the expertise to navigate the bureaucratic development process and the ability to effectively forecast the future demand to live in the various neighborhoods we serve,” Gregson says. 

Beyond the construction phase, Gregson ensures each unit reflects a thoughtful and effective design, fostering open communication across teams. With over a dozen projects under construction and another dozen in the design and permitting phase, including developments in Koreatown, Downtown Los Angeles, West Los Angeles and potential expansion beyond the city limits, Gregson remains committed to making the California dream a reality. 

In discussing his leadership evolution, Gregson emphasizes passion, employee training, resource allocation and professionalism—all integral components of his role. Trusting and empowering others have been essential to personal and professional growth. 

Gregson’s daily tasks include overseeing active projects, conducting regular meetings with various teams, and staying updated on market changes and policy shifts—a testament to the dynamic nature of realizing the California dream. His hands-on approach, from design to construction, reflects his commitment to the entire development process. 

It’s all about amenities  

Gregson is dedicated to elevating the California dream through the thoughtful integration of cutting-edge amenities in their multi-family developments. With a commitment to creating living spaces that transcend conventional expectations, Gregson ensures that each project reflects a harmonious blend of modern luxury and sustainable living. 

Blaine Gregson | Director of Development | Jamison Properties 

“In the bustling heart of Southern California, Jamison Properties’ developments boast diverse amenities designed to enhance the residents’ quality of life. From fitness centers to business spaces, the offerings cater to all lifestyles,” Gregson says. 

One of the standout projects, the 114-unit development at 815 S. Kingsley Dr. in Koreatown, is a testament to Jamison Properties’ dedication to residents’ well-being. The meticulously planned amenities include a state-of-the-art fitness center, a business hub for remote work, a recreation room for leisure, a scenic rooftop deck and a serene courtyard featuring a spacious spa. Twelve units in this project are exclusively designated for extremely low-income households, reflecting the company’s commitment to community inclusivity. 

As Gregson spearheads the development initiatives, he ensures that each amenity serves a dual purpose – providing a luxurious living experience while contributing to the community’s overall well-being. The 549 S. Harvard Blvd. mixed-use project, currently under construction, exemplifies this commitment. Boasting over 11,000 square feet of ground-floor retail space, 135 market-rate apartments and 15 units reserved for extremely low-income households, this development integrates diverse living spaces with commercial vibrancy. 

Beyond the traditional amenities, Jamison Properties is at the forefront of adapting to new design standards and legislative changes. Recent legislation, such as Measure ULA, has prompted a shift in focus towards by-right adaptive reuse projects. Leveraging their ownership of numerous office buildings throughout Southern California, Jamison Properties transforms underutilized spaces into much-needed housing, aligning with evolving urban lifestyles. 

Always a problem solver 

Gregson’s path to success has been defined by his innate problem-solving abilities, navigating various endeavors with an eye for solutions. Originally from San Diego County, he ventured to Los Angeles in 2006, initially pursuing architecture at the University of Southern California. Transitioning to the Marshall School of Business, Gregson earned a degree in business administration, concentrating in real estate development with a minor in architecture. 

Blaine Gregson | Director of Development | Jamison Properties 

Gregson’s knack for problem-solving surfaced early in his career when he was essential in launching the first three locations of Plan Check Kitchen + Bar. However, driven by a desire for a more profound impact, he redirected his focus from hospitality to real estate. During his return to USC for further education, Gregson concurrently worked full-time for commercial real estate agents, where his problem-solving prowess became evident. Specializing in multifamily deals and various asset types, he significantly contributed to closing over 150 transactions and completing more than 750 property valuations. 

Joining Jamison Properties in April 2018 as a senior project manager, Gregson’s skills quickly propelled him into the role of director of development by May 2022. His ability to navigate complex challenges and find effective solutions has been a constant thread throughout his professional journey. 

In his personal life, Gregson’s problem-solving mentality extends to maintaining a balanced and fulfilling lifestyle. Meeting his life partner at USC and sharing over 13 years reflects a personal accomplishment and a testament to his ability to nurture relationships. His commitment to professional and personal aspects of life showcases a problem-solving mindset beyond the conference room. 

“I’m very fortunate to have a career that I truly enjoy and thankful for the many individuals who have helped me along the way,” Gregson says. “Our team of dedicated professionals is committed to addressing the ongoing need for more housing, and I’m excited to see what the future holds for us all.” 

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