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Arthur Begetis – ResMed

He won’t rest until everyone can sleep soundly

Ask a corporate real estate boss about the mission at hand, and in this post-pandemic era, you’ll probably hear it’s about saving money on facilities while not compromising performance. To be sure, that’s among Arthur Begetis’ goals at ResMed, but he prefers to emphasize a more ambitious raison d’etre.

“Everything’s being done with the view of improving 250 million lives in 2025,” he says.

Asked for details, Begetis explains that’s just a percentage of how many people suffer from sleep apnea, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and other respiratory conditions in the 140 or so countries where RedMed provides world-leading health care products, digital health technologies, and SAAS solutions to improve out-of-hospital care. Still, treating that number would be a start, and while ResMed’s scientists and technicians invent and tweak the products and administrators tend to the business side, Begetis provides them with the facilities in his most recent role as senior director of global real estate.

Arthur Begetis | Senior Director, Global Real Estate | ResMed

Arthur Begetis | Senior Director, Global Real Estate | ResMed

And he’s got a lot of real estate to direct and sometimes downsize for this company based in San Diego and maintains manufacturing facilities in the United States, Singapore and Australia. You’ll find Begetis in that latter locale—he’s been back in his native Down Under since assuming the real estate role in July 2022 after seven years of managing ResMed’s international tax activities.

When Blueprint caught up with him in August, he had devised a real estate playbook that should give ResMed an end-to-end strategy and tools for completing a property transaction from initiation to market search, refinement, negotiation, and closing. Got to optimize every square foot of property, he says.

Going by the book

According to Begetis, noteworthy savings should be feasible as the business and back-office teams continue to function capably in a remote or hybrid fashion. Of course, the manufacturing site in Los Angeles and the distribution centers in Moreno Valley, California, and Atlanta must remain open and staffed. The same holds true for manufacturing and distribution facilities in Europe and Asia-Pacific.

The real estate playbook is a work in progress, one he says will be a living and breathing document rather than just a website or intranet. It’s about awareness and fashioning an ecosystem of value, understanding, common goals and, ultimately, excellence in real estate.

“From my perspective, it’s about helping define the content and then getting it out there,” Begetis says. “It’ll be the one place in the organization where our people can go, source information, and get materials and templates.”

Arthur Begetis | Senior Director, Global Real Estate | ResMed

He’s aided in the task by Cushman and Wakefield, the global commercial real estate broker that’s active in around 60 countries, many of which ResMed has a footprint.  It’s about starting small, building a proof of concept and a strategy to deliver meaningful results.

Administrative performance remained steady during COVID-19, he says, and with personnel accustomed to remote or hybrid post-pandemic, much office space isn’t being fully utilized. ResMed, having leased and owned facilities worldwide, is evaluating all options. The company may not renew some arrangements and may sublease others.

“For the remaining facilities, it’s about shaping the workplaces of the future to support productive engagement by our people,” Begetis says.

All the better if those employees can empower people to live happier, healthier, and higher-quality lives in the comfort of their homes.

Always on the money

While Begetis isn’t a scientist or technologist, he’s familiarized himself with what they’re doing to pioneer digital health solutions for those afflicted by apnea or other respiratory conditions. Maybe something as simple as a mask or mouthpiece must fit and seal properly. For those suffering from obstructive sleep apnea, he says ResMed’s got the software to enable clinicians to remotely monitor a patient’s sleeping or breathing patterns, which improves adherence and health outcomes.

Whereas few companies in this industry do hardware and software, Begetis proudly says ResMed does both, and his goal is to enhance company performance with an eye on cutting costs.

Time was when he’d helped the company economize as its director of global tax, a role he held from 2015 to 2022 after honing his skills at the Australian affiliates of such accounting heavyweights as KPMG and PricewaterhouseCoopers. With a ResMed appreciation for his skillset, ResMed offered Begetis and his family the opportunity to move to Southern California in early 2020 –a pivotal moment in his transition from taxes to real estate.

Arthur Begetis | Senior Director, Global Real Estate | ResMed

“What became apparent was that COVID would change how we worked as an organization,” he says. “Suddenly, we were 100-percent remote and needed a strategy to rethink our footprint and workplace.”

Real estate wasn’t a new concept for Begetis, having looked at it from the perspectives of investment, renovation, and tax consequences. He was given charge of ResMed’s real estate portfolio shortly after returning with his family to Sydney.

Begetis misses Southern California, lauding what he says is the mindset of those who work diligently and reward themselves with rest and relaxation. He finds the Australian division between work and play more blurred.

Whatever his homeland’s culture, he’ll likely be working more than playing while reshaping ResMed’s global real estate holdings. A Western Sydney University economics and finance graduate with a master’s from the University of New South Wales, he says such basic principles as supply and demand have factored in all his roles at ResMed.

ResMed will continue to respond to ongoing demand for cloud-connectable devices to monitor and treat sleep apnea and other chronic respiratory conditions, he says. This will be achieved with an optimized real estate footprint, including the need for incremental manufacturing and warehousing capacity as the company continues to help more people in need.

Everyone will be better positioned once Begetis’ playbook is complete, with many details in the mix, including valuable input from Cushman and Wakefield. And he seems like a restless sort while mindful of the mission.

“We’ve helped many people but only scratched the surface,” he says. “We want to help millions and millions more.”

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